Grace Foods UK Limited follows a ‘Good Citizen’ policy across all markets in which it operates. This requires the Company to comply with all local laws and regulations, in fact and in spirit.

We require all local suppliers of goods and services within that marketplace to meet the same obligations.

Grace Foods UK Limited sources products from suppliers with sites across the world. Every effort is made to ensure products are manufactured and processed in sites that meet the required standards of Health and Safety, and Quality.

As part of Grace Foods UK Limited’s compliance processes each manufacturer and processor of a product is required to complete a supplier assurance questionnaire for the site at which the product is manufactured or processed. This requires the supplier to confirm it meets the legal obligations within its domestic marketplace as regards:

1) Employment is freely chosen

2) Local laws covering the minimum age of employment are enforced and enforcement checks are made.

3) Freedom of Association is allowed.

4) Working conditions meet the national legal minimum.

5) Compensation meets or exceeds the national legal minimum.

6) Working hours do not exceed the national legal maximum.

7) Policies exist to protect staff against discrimination within the workplace and a process exists for employees to raise grievances.

No exceptions to these requirements are made regardless of the commercial consequences.

To ensure that our suppliers meet their obligations outlined above Grace Foods (UK) uses a mix of tactics:

a) All suppliers of goods are required to complete a Supplier Assurance questionnaire confirming their adherence to the relevant employment and social legislation in their marketplace.

b) Purchasing preference is given to suppliers who have, or are in the process of acquiring, accreditation to the internationally recognised quality standards as applied to that marketplace.

c) A planned audit programme is underway to confirm that suppliers of product meet or exceed the minimum standards required of them by their national legislation.

d) If any organisation, association or individual has reason to believe that the site of any supplier fails to observe and enforce all of these requirements then Grace Foods UK Limited should be notified as follows:

Via email:

Via telephone: +44(0)1707 382 954 / +44(0)1707 382 912

Via post: Quality Department, Grace Foods UK Limited, Grace House, Bessemer Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1HW, UK.

Every effort will be made to protect the identity of those that provide information in good faith.